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Rent a car in Madeira Insurance Coverage

Rent a car in Funchal insurance coverage


Choose Extra S.C.D.W. Will have coverage on the damages Occurred in the Vehicle, and will have the following Coverages.


Insurance Coverage S.C.D.W:

• Damage due to collision or rollover in its entirety
• 24-hour travel assistance
• Vehicle in case of mechanical breakdown.
• Trailer in case of accident or malfunction.
• Acts of Vandalism
• Damage Caused by Nature's Phenomena.
• Replacement Vehicle in Case of Damage or Accident (provided there is no culpability)


Insurance does not cover the following points:

• Damage to banks or banks Burned.
• Damage inside the Vehicle
• Clutch burned For negligence of the Driver, normal wear and tear is covered.
• Loss or Damage of Ignition Switches.
• Clean fuel system by changing fuel. (If you have spilled liquids, Wine, Beers, Oils, etc.)
• External Washing (only in extreme cases due to negligence of the drivers).
• Damage to Tires or Rims.
• Loss of Safety Triangle, Wheel Wrenches or Hydraulic Jack
• Loss of Vehicle Documents
• Ladders of any component inside the Vehicle
• Traffic Fines or Park Fines.